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July 26, 2017 / Marie

It’s important to have your happy place….

It’s even more important for that place to be somewhere you often find yourself.

It has been a few years since I’ve updated my blog. But, one of my posts was used in another blog, and it sparked an idea for an update. My house has been coming along. I look at it as a constant work-in-progress. I find things and I incorporate them into my life and my home. They become a part of who I am. They become a part of my comfort.

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August 13, 2013 / Marie

DIY barn wood headboard

I’ve been scouring the internet for the past year or so, trying to find a headboard that 1) I would fall in love with and 2) would fit with the rest of my room decor. Based on my other posts, it’s pretty obvious that I prefer unique things and lean more toward rustic/vintage things over anything new.

I acquired some wood from the old barn near my house.



The wood was beautifully worn and weathered after sitting out in the elements for at least 30 years. It was perfect for a headboard. After gathering the wood that I would need, I went to the hardware store and found the nails (I opted for a more dull, aged looking nail in order to get the overall look I was trying to achieve), fine sanding sponge, flat polyurethane, a couple of 1x4x8 boards that were both cut down to the size I needed, screws and anchors.

After cutting the barn wood down to the size I wanted (I chose to have the wood extend about 2-3 inches past each corner of the bed), I brushed them off to get rid of any dirt and proceeded to lightly sand the pieces. Some of the pieces didn’t exactly line up with each other on the ends, but I decided that I liked the look as it was more organic and stayed true to the old and rustic feel that I was aiming for.

I put 4 coats of the  polyurethane on each side (allowing for a couple of days to dry in between each coat). After everything was dry, we were ready to assemble the headboard. I measured the area where I would be mounting the headboard. I screwed and anchored the 1x4x5 boards on either side of the bed as I would be nailing the barn wood boards to these. Once those were in place, I laid out and nailed the barn wood pieces where I wanted them.  I am pretty pleased with how it turned out.

This is the finished product:

June 12, 2012 / Marie

DIY storage ottoman

I am constantly looking for ways to make my living room more comfortable. One of my Morris chairs, though comfortable, was lacking a place for someone to rest their feet. I decided that an ottoman would be a pretty fantastic addition. I went online to look for a nice, visually appealing, and unique ottoman. Sadly, many are either too expensive or too generic looking. None of the ones I saw really appealed to me. So, what’s a girl to do when she can’t buy something she wants? Well, THIS girl makes it instead!

I went to one of my favorite antique stores and bought an antique wooden cranberry box. The next stop was Lowes to get casters so that it could easily be moved and wood for the top and to reinforce the bottom. I went to Michael’s and bought batting and foam for the top. The fabric was left over from reupholstering some of my chair cushions last year. Besides being really comfortable for your feet, the ottoman can also be used for storage and extra seating!

Project cost:

  • Antique wooden crate $15
  • 4 Casters $6
  • Wood $8
  • Batting/foam $10

  TOTAL $39




March 12, 2012 / Marie

Guestroom/office/multi-purpose room

So, we finally got around to finishing the guestroom/office. This room is actually used for a number of different things. We use it for our office and guestroom. This is the only room in my house where every piece of furniture is antique or vintage. I added some modern touches with the bedding and some artwork. I will be the first to admit that I am neurotic and compulsive when it comes to decorating. Everything has to be “just so,” but I am not the type to have matching sets of ANYTHING. You will never see a full living room set or bedroom set in my house. I just don’t think I can really show my personality with standard, mass-produced furniture. I like mixing old with new, playing with patterns and colors, and honestly, I like having things that I don’t see in other people’s houses.




December 28, 2011 / Marie

Kitchen and living room changes

A new year calls for a new start! I was tired of the horrible table that I had in the kitchen. Sure, it looked good from far away, but in reality, it was a cheaply made table. I had purchased an antique table to use for the wedding that was more “me.” I decided that I wanted to use it for the kitchen table. This table is solid wood – not particle board. There are really interesting gears underneath to make the table expand. I also really love the legs of this table. It’s very unique and I felt that it would fit in better with my style.

I was tired of the living room layout. The shape of our living room makes it difficult to find a way where our furniture can be arranged to allow everyone to sit comfortably to talk or watch TV. I think, however, that I have finally found the right set-up. I’ve also hung up the old movie reels that  I found at Salvage Chic. I put a bench by the door to allow us to take our shoes off when we come into the house. I think that it looks much more comfortable and inviting.


I am not and never have been the “matchy-matchy” type of person. I seek out things that I enjoy and I worry about how they will “fit” later. I do tend to be drawn to a “warmer” feel when it comes to colors, fabrics, woods, and just all-around ambiance – especially in a room that I want to be inviting and comforting. I love the wood of the Morris chairs and the colors and patterns of the fabric on the cushions. I think the only things in my living room that are not antique or vintage are the couch, TV, and TV stand. I also love displaying art work.

I love my black cabinet. It holds my collections and all of my books. It’s probably one of my favorite finds, ever.


November 25, 2011 / Marie

Bedroom makeover

I know, I know. It hasn’t even been a full year since we moved into the house and painted the bedroom. A couple of weeks ago, I woke up and decided that my bedroom just didn’t feel “cozy” enough. The rest of my house is full of rich, deep, colors. There are reds, burnt oranges, dark purples, and soft yellows. Where did my gray bedroom fit in? The answer is – it didn’t. So, off to the paint store I went. We decided on a dark green. I knew that with that particular shade of green, I could use a lot of reds, yellows, blues, and oranges in the accent colors.

I painted the room and almost instantly, it felt like a room that actually belonged in my house. It was a great excuse to order new bedding and curtains (even though the ones I had already still would have worked). So, online I went. I found several new duvets that I loved.  The curtains cost me close to nothing because I had a Crate and Barrel gift card! They are neutral and will fit with whatever changes I make in the future.

I also decided that I wanted to create a new nightstand. I wanted a place to keep some of the books I look at frequently when I’m reading in bed. I wanted something rustic and worn to give my room a more “lived in” feel. I headed to one of my favorite antique stores (Chapel Antiques) to find some inspiration. What I found was an old wooden crate with metal trim. I decided that if I put it on it’s side and attached legs, it would be exactly what I was looking for! I went to Lowes and bought the legs that I needed. Luckily, I had some soft, antique-y looking, yellow paint that would be perfect for the legs. I got to work on the table and it took a total of 15 minutes to put it together and paint the legs.

I swapped out my old antique table/bench and put an antique trunk at the end of the bed. I wanted a place to store extra sheets and pillows. Over the bed, we hung some photos I had taken (and one that was taken by my cousin, Becky) on some of our many camping trips. One is from Acadia National Park, one is from Vermont, and the other is from Plymouth. I also hung two antique sewing drawers over the bed and placed two really cool owl candles inside of them.

Overall, I am very pleased with the changes I made.



This is the table that was created using an antique crate and table legs.

November 1, 2011 / Marie

Love on display!

Finally I’ve found the exact shelf I’ve been looking for! I wanted a place where I could display all of my antique apothecary bottles.

I wanted to paint the shelf a color that would fit with the other colors in the room and allow the bottles to stand out as well. I picked up a very deep purple color.