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November 25, 2011 / Marie

Bedroom makeover

I know, I know. It hasn’t even been a full year since we moved into the house and painted the bedroom. A couple of weeks ago, I woke up and decided that my bedroom just didn’t feel “cozy” enough. The rest of my house is full of rich, deep, colors. There are reds, burnt oranges, dark purples, and soft yellows. Where did my gray bedroom fit in? The answer is – it didn’t. So, off to the paint store I went. We decided on a dark green. I knew that with that particular shade of green, I could use a lot of reds, yellows, blues, and oranges in the accent colors.

I painted the room and almost instantly, it felt like a room that actually belonged in my house. It was a great excuse to order new bedding and curtains (even though the ones I had already still would have worked). So, online I went. I found several new duvets that I loved.  The curtains cost me close to nothing because I had a Crate and Barrel gift card! They are neutral and will fit with whatever changes I make in the future.

I also decided that I wanted to create a new nightstand. I wanted a place to keep some of the books I look at frequently when I’m reading in bed. I wanted something rustic and worn to give my room a more “lived in” feel. I headed to one of my favorite antique stores (Chapel Antiques) to find some inspiration. What I found was an old wooden crate with metal trim. I decided that if I put it on it’s side and attached legs, it would be exactly what I was looking for! I went to Lowes and bought the legs that I needed. Luckily, I had some soft, antique-y looking, yellow paint that would be perfect for the legs. I got to work on the table and it took a total of 15 minutes to put it together and paint the legs.

I swapped out my old antique table/bench and put an antique trunk at the end of the bed. I wanted a place to store extra sheets and pillows. Over the bed, we hung some photos I had taken (and one that was taken by my cousin, Becky) on some of our many camping trips. One is from Acadia National Park, one is from Vermont, and the other is from Plymouth. I also hung two antique sewing drawers over the bed and placed two really cool owl candles inside of them.

Overall, I am very pleased with the changes I made.



This is the table that was created using an antique crate and table legs.


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