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December 28, 2011 / Marie

Kitchen and living room changes

A new year calls for a new start! I was tired of the horrible table that I had in the kitchen. Sure, it looked good from far away, but in reality, it was a cheaply made table. I had purchased an antique table to use for the wedding that was more “me.” I decided that I wanted to use it for the kitchen table. This table is solid wood – not particle board. There are really interesting gears underneath to make the table expand. I also really love the legs of this table. It’s very unique and I felt that it would fit in better with my style.

I was tired of the living room layout. The shape of our living room makes it difficult to find a way where our furniture can be arranged to allow everyone to sit comfortably to talk or watch TV. I think, however, that I have finally found the right set-up. I’ve also hung up the old movie reels that  I found at Salvage Chic. I put a bench by the door to allow us to take our shoes off when we come into the house. I think that it looks much more comfortable and inviting.


I am not and never have been the “matchy-matchy” type of person. I seek out things that I enjoy and I worry about how they will “fit” later. I do tend to be drawn to a “warmer” feel when it comes to colors, fabrics, woods, and just all-around ambiance – especially in a room that I want to be inviting and comforting. I love the wood of the Morris chairs and the colors and patterns of the fabric on the cushions. I think the only things in my living room that are not antique or vintage are the couch, TV, and TV stand. I also love displaying art work.

I love my black cabinet. It holds my collections and all of my books. It’s probably one of my favorite finds, ever.



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