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August 13, 2013 / Marie

DIY barn wood headboard

I’ve been scouring the internet for the past year or so, trying to find a headboard that 1) I would fall in love with and 2) would fit with the rest of my room decor. Based on my other posts, it’s pretty obvious that I prefer unique things and lean more toward rustic/vintage things over anything new.

I acquired some wood from the old barn near my house.



The wood was beautifully worn and weathered after sitting out in the elements for at least 30 years. It was perfect for a headboard. After gathering the wood that I would need, I went to the hardware store and found the nails (I opted for a more dull, aged looking nail in order to get the overall look I was trying to achieve), fine sanding sponge, flat polyurethane, a couple of 1x4x8 boards that were both cut down to the size I needed, screws and anchors.

After cutting the barn wood down to the size I wanted (I chose to have the wood extend about 2-3 inches past each corner of the bed), I brushed them off to get rid of any dirt and proceeded to lightly sand the pieces. Some of the pieces didn’t exactly line up with each other on the ends, but I decided that I liked the look as it was more organic and stayed true to the old and rustic feel that I was aiming for.

I put 4 coats of the  polyurethane on each side (allowing for a couple of days to dry in between each coat). After everything was dry, we were ready to assemble the headboard. I measured the area where I would be mounting the headboard. I screwed and anchored the 1x4x5 boards on either side of the bed as I would be nailing the barn wood boards to these. Once those were in place, I laid out and nailed the barn wood pieces where I wanted them.  I am pretty pleased with how it turned out.

This is the finished product:


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