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October 13, 2011 / Marie

My collections

A good friend of mine is getting married. I offered for her to use some of the vintage milk glass, antique glass bottles, and vintage dessert stands and bowls. It wasn’t until I got everything out of its various places around the house, that I realized just how much I had!


July 5, 2011 / Marie

Backyard hangout!

We decided that we wanted somewhere to hangout in the yard at night. I figured, why not try an outdoor fireplace/fire pit area?! So, I went to the Mill Store and picked up a couple of unfinished Adirondack chairs and painted them the same color blue as the garden bench I painted earlier this summer. Painting the chairs took FOREVER, but it was well worth it.

We already had a chiminea, which was fantastic! We went to Home Depot this morning and bought some weed barrier to keep things from growing. We put that down and used giant staples to stake it into the ground. After that, we went across the street to Richmond Sand & Gravel and got a yard of natural stones. They brought it across the street to our house and after about 10 wheelbarrow trips, we got it to the backyard.

This is where we will be eating dinner tonight. 🙂


May 14, 2011 / Marie

First “for sale” project!

I found this awesome old military trunk at Reed Hollow last weekend. I already have a great trunk table that I made before we moved here, so I decided to make one to sell. I added legs and painted it with a cement color paint. The point of this type of paint is to make the trunk look “worn.”

Below are the before and after pictures of the trunk. Kristy is going to look at it and let me know if it fits with the rest of her apartment. If not, it will still be up for grabs.

April 3, 2011 / Marie

Chair makeover

I found this amazing antique barrel chair on Craigslist. It was in pretty rough shape. The woman who sold it told me that she took it out of an old estate sale about 30 years ago. She had painted it black around the time she bought it. So, after 30 years, the paint needed an update, for sure. I found this really interesting shade of gray and decided that it would be a great update for the chair.




April 1, 2011 / Marie

Found treasures

I get so excited about finding things that I have been wanting forever. When I came across this 1910 ice chest on Craigslist, I was ecstatic. The woman just wanted to get it out of her garage and the price was amazing. So, with a lot of help from Bjorn, we went to her house and loaded the 300lb ice chest into my little Yaris. Now that we are moved into the house and I have a spot for it, I was super excited about getting it moved upstairs. So, once again, with help from Bjorn, it was moved into the house (with some make-shift ramps and A LOT of pushing). We will be using it to store some extra pots and pans and kitchen stuff.

The antique white chest on top of it is a birthday gift from Silke. I think I will be using the 18 drawers for spices! On top of that is a lovely, handmade bowl from Lindsay, Josh, and Lila (also for my birthday). It’s pretty amazing! The framed image is actually a vintage Sanka coffee advertisement from the 1960’s. I fell in love with it at Salvage Chic and had it framed yesterday. The plant is actually being held inside of a vintage milk glass pedestal bowl. I just bought this today at Something For Your Dust!

I love finding all of these little treasures and making them fit together!






February 21, 2011 / Marie

Living room….finally done!

So, we finally finished the living room. I have posted the before and after pictures above. I love that I finally have space for my Morris chairs, trunk, antique cabinet, and the tool chest turned coffee table that I didn’t have room for before.


January 19, 2011 / Marie

Some things I love….

This is the most amazing salvaged counter top baker’s rack that I have ever seen in my entire life. I have emailed the magazine it was in, tracked down the salvage place where was found, and have contacted every single salvage store I could find across this country. Sadly, there is nothing else like it out there. It broke my heart…but I have learned to move on. The patina is absolutely amazing and I really like the industrial look.

I really enjoy 1950’s lawn furniture. One particular piece that I would love to have is a metal glider (like the one shown below). It’s not easy to find these in good shape for a reasonable price. The lawn chairs are phenomenal.